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The ancient city of Beijing is also nike air max 2017 onlinethe capital of China. It is a thriving metropolis that not only boasts of beautiful and scenic spots and a vast array of monuments, but also promises exciting shopping expeditions. After enjoying the sights of the Forbidden City, the Ming Tombs, The Great Wall of China, the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven, a visit to the numerous shopping areas in the city is a must. Even if you are holidaying in some other part of China, you can always take cheap domestic flights to Beijing and embark on an exhilarating shopping expedition. Thankfully there are many cheap flights to Beijing and this means that people can save a lot of money, which can be spent on buying beautiful Chinese silk, artifacts, pearls and much more. The city is teeming with markets and malls that offer great bargains, as long as you know where to go. Mall lovers should head to the Oriental Plaza at the Wangfujing Street. Spread in an area of 12, 000 square meters, the Plaza promises an exciting experience in dining, shopping and entertainment. The mall is categorized into six theme based sections, namely the Market Square, the Metro City, the Garden Court, the International Boulevard, the Wonderful World and the Sky Avenue. Here you can find original designer products from famous brands, such as Valentino, Burberry and Max Mara. It offers a completely different perspective to shopping in the capital city of China.

The Silk Alley Market is the most popular nike air max 90 online shopping area in the city. Until 2005 it was an open-air market, but now it is housed in a 5-storeyed building in Xiushuidong Jie. This place is very close to the US Embassy and offers replicas of famous brands such as Nike, Puma and Northface. The place is also popular for cashmere sweaters, linen, clothes, traditional Chinese jewelry, toys, precious stones, shoes, luggage, and handicraft. Once you finish shopping you can relax at the food court located in the building. Travelers wanting to shop for pearls should head to Hongqiao Market. This market is located in Chongwen District and has several shops that sell seawater, cultured, pink, black, ivory and freshwater pearls. It is best to check a couple of shops before purchasing the pearls, as the price and quality vary from one shop to another. Flea market lovers will get enchanted with Panjiayuan Market, located in Chaoyang District on the Third Ring Road. This market houses around 3, 000 stalls that open at dawn and continue selling their wares until 4 pm. The market is popular for selling antique-like replicas. You can also buy beautiful Buddha statues, silk screen, porcelain vases and jade bangles from here. At times, you may be lucky enough to pick up genuine products dating back to the Chinese Cultural Revolution that took place in the 1960s.

Your life is over burdened with work Nike air max 2017 black commitments to even spare time for your looks. Appearance is secondary or tertiary in your list. You prefer easy and comfortable clothing over the fashionable ones. You generally do not co-ordinate what you wear, more so in such a hurry or dislike to check your reflection on the mirror. You pick up the most comfortable pair of clothes on display and do not mind walking out in slippers. You generally window shop without much personal interest. Whatever glitters does not catch your eye. You priority is your work and practicality and feasibility and the comfort that it offers. You love who are, and have no qualms or regret about it! You like to let your hair down at most of the times, are extremely comfortable in your skin and value comfort over anything! You don't fancy products in vogue always; it has to suit your personal taste to land up in your wardrobe. You prefer to chill out with your peeps over cold coffee or beer (if you are within the permissible limit), gossip, catch up with latest releases in your shorts! You are laid back when it comes to fashion, so you mellow your style to keep the fun factor intact while making yourself an easy combo to slip on! You love colors and free-flowing silhouettes. You love wavy prints and strut around in your shorts with your sport shoes or casual t-shirts on!

Your sparkling eyes and dimpled nike air max 97smile do all the talking! You have easy, uncomplicated and appealing way with others; traits which are easily recognizable by your baggy jeans, sweat-shirts and carelessly ruffled hair! You have an easy-going air about yourself which is reflected by your gestures and attire alike. You love to share a laugh with everyone around you, eat out with your girls and also occasionally gossip/ bitch about other girls. You love to receive and give flowers, chocolates make you go weak in the knees and you love your old and faded jeans way more than anything in your life! You are recognized around for your pony tails and the cute ear piercing and did we stress on the fact your "cute" smile! You are extremely active and like to reflect the same from your sense of dressing. Functionality rules foremost than fashion and a colorful closet is also your asset! You love your track pants and drool/ window shop every time you pass by an Adidas, Nike, Puma or Reebok store. Cool Athletes have influenced you enough with their athletic looks in shorts or mini-skirts to make you take notice of yourself. Sport-stars and their sporty style appeal you to walk in for a movie in your baggy t-shirt and shorts. Sneakers are the best pair of shoes you ever owned and wished you could walk into your office wearing the same! You see armbands and wristbands as not merely a style accessory but believe in it for a cause. You love colors; be it, the brighter shades or even the dull ones...you just know how to team them up for a "go - getter" look. All in all, irrespective of your favorite sport, you look every bit a sporty or funky person with your appearance!
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